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About Me

Join like-minded, compassionate advocates working to alert the world about our human overpopulation crisis and educate all about the humanitarian, voluntary solution.

Overpopulation is the most ignored, denied, misunderstood and avoided problems facing the human race.

It's a primary root cause of our most pressing crises – climate disruption, fresh water shortages, deforestation, species extinction, unaffordable housing, food insecurity, collapsing fisheries, toxification of our air, land and water, and poverty.

The choice to have a small family is the path to bending the human population growth curve and coasting quickly back down to a sustainable level. Fully-informed, freely-made family size decisions are the key.

Ending overpopulation is not the ONLY response needed, to correct our condition of overshoot. But it is an ESSENTIAL response. We cannot get out of overshoot without addressing overpopulation.

Why You Should Join Me

This is a place where you can...

  • learn more about the issues
  • access resources to help you in your advocacy
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  • band together with like-minded activists on campaigns and special projects

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining to help resolve the most critical crisis of our time!

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